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I have been reading a lot on this website about Oldfields-and i really beg to differ. For those who wrote those comments let me tell u this-40 percent of the girls at OS are on scholarship-so you might want to think twice before critisizing yourself for spending 34 grand a year-which u probably do..2nd of all-Oldfields is an amazing place and if you dont like it-why dont you just leave? You are poisoning the schools name and that is really unjust to those of who really are passionate about Oldfields. I DO NOT wear tiffanys, and i definately dont wear lily. I dont own a lacoste shirt-and i wear my pearls that my grandmother gave me to nice events. I am an oldfields girl, and i will not be a part of your description. Oldfields is a historical, and amazing place. I have met the most amazing women in my life, and i have been educated by the best teachers. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be at such a wonderful school. To those of you whom are looking at schools and have come across this negativity-i am truley sorry. I hope that you wont believe that girls are this mean. The only girls mean enough to act the way some of my peers have described, are the girls who wrote those comments.
by AAL August 08, 2005
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The DAY STUDENTS, are the ones that wear pink bows in there hair and Lilly PUKEiser,\"ya you like that\", some of the chicks here are awsome, you have your variety, punks, punk wannabees, prep, prep wannabees, and ya the normal ones, and normal wannabees!! Oldfields is also known as Hofields, Oldfields girls are known for taking away all of the mixer guys, this makes other schools upset, poor poor people
You know your from Oldfields if...
-you get excited when there is new ice cream in the freezer!
-you dont go on walks for exercise
-its weird to wear makeup to school
-your saturday nights tend to be on a school bus (boarders)
-you have a nervous break down when people take too many morning snacks
-you say \"whites suck\" and its not a racial comment
-every person in school finds out what you did the weekend by second period on Monday
-everyone has P.M.S. at the same time (HELL!!)
-you start screaming GREEN OR WHITE for no reason what so ever?!?!
-you talk to people on aim when there right next to you
-the internet is down you start to cry and bitch at everyone
-you think it ok to drive 5 hours just to see boys you dont know
-aerobic and yoga are sports
-your idea of a crazy night is going to Giant
-the thing-a-ma-bob is an actual thing
-you wear flip flops in the snow
-you lost your best friend during the presidential election
-a family member had birth or a death automatically on a closed weekend
-you see horses frolicking outside the library window
-you get a cracker or and asprin when you go to the health center even if you are dieing!!
-you dont own a razor
-you wear pearl to lacrosse practice(Day Students)
-you use an elevator to go up one flight of stairs
-when the animal to student ration is equal
-when the entire state of Maryland is off, except you
-the lunch line is extra long when there are French Fries
-when the teachers gossip more than the students
-when you no longer have bells
-sports are a requirement
-you pay 37,000 dollars and you still choose to break into a teacher\'s house to steal money
-people periodically leave class for 20mins
-when you have a SNACK POLICE
-its normal to see a girl walking around topless in the dorm

-you dont have a phone card you are screwed
by Someone from OS April 26, 2005
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Oldfields is a school for crazy people!!!! It is full of girls that have come out of mental treatment. It is basically a treatment boarding school without that title. When potential new girls tour the school they say that there are dances and mixers with other schools that have guys.... THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE!!!! There are never any dances with guy schools so you are around girls 24/7 while you are there. Weekends at Oldfields are so boring. The only trips they ever have are to Target and dumb games on campus. Finally, there are so many lesbians at Oldfields it is disgusting!!
Oldfields School- a school for psycho girls
by do not attend November 26, 2016
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Welcome to Oldfields school where everyday is filled with Glitz, Glamour, and Gossip. Walking through the halls, you will find your self immersed in a sea of girl whose closets only consist of brightly colored designer pieces. Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren usually have majority which is usually paired with Juicy Couture zip ups as well. Everyone is wearing something Tiffany’s on any given day. The students always have their required laptop slug over their shoulders. Here no one uses paper note books strictly I-books. But I guess your wondering how the day students of Oldfields get to school? They come in their Escalades, Audis and Acuras. How do the teachers get to school? Range rovers, Jaguars and Ferraris. During the school day teachers don’t use chalk boards they use $10,000 Smart Boards. After school the girls have sports requirements. Some girls ride their horses that they have flown out to Oldfields while others play Field Hockey and Lacrosse, with their pearls around their necks, and ribbons in there hair. While attending Oldfields girls have access to the Fitness Center, Lounge, and Rec. Room where they can do what they do best, Gossip. At night two guards will patrol the campus while the girls sleep in their goose down comforted beds. This is what your get when your parents pay $240 a day, $37,000 a year for school tuition.
by hum.. May 08, 2005
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The following is typical of an Oldfields student:
-Peircing a body part, getting a tattoo, or dying your hair within the first two months of school.
-Finding every possible excuse to leave school, miss class, or sleep in.
-Leaving to use the bathroom and never returning to class.
-Attempting to run away.
-Getting DCed multiple times in one year.
-Fighting for a seat on the bus to the mall.
-Purchasing diet pills every other day.
-Getting caught smoking either cigaretts, pot, or in some extreme cases crack.
-Getting campused numerous amounts of times in one year.
-Applying for a job at Hooters.
-Getting arrested.
-Or...Last BUT NOT LEAST, withdrawing from school at some point in time, typically after or during your first year.
Oldfields school is a fine institution for future delinquents
by g-slice September 10, 2005
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A small, secluded all girls boarding and day school in the heart of glencoe, maryland. Although quite small, consisting of merely 180 girls, Oldfields is quite comparable to a local country club. Here you will find girls decked out in soley Lilly, Polo and Lacoste simply going to class. Always accompanied by a peal necklace, pearl earings and of course, rainbows. Every student either plays lacrosse or field hockey and works out at least twice a day. Only here would your school nurses and teachers drive Range Rovers, Ferraris, Corvettes, Jaguars, and Lexis. And then there are the students with their Audis, Suburbans, Escalades, Acura MDXs, and brand new 4 runners. These girls work very hard, but know how to party even harder. Drinkstrong pretty much sums up their weekends... Yes this Oldfields, school for the "beautiful people."
by Jenny Hall April 18, 2005
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i small all girl bording school most girls not first choose school but a respectible school. you got verity of people here you got the preps that dont drink and then the prep that do and then the punk, and then the wierd people that are awnoying, lesibanes, normal people
yeah did you here that os was have a mixers cool.
but it in the middle of no where
oo shit o well yeah
by JG May 07, 2005
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