13 definitions by JG

-The newest language out there.
-Uses words like Swite and Nary-ary.
-a collection of mispronounced words
-Another word to annoy tony
Is that english or spanish you're speaking? No it's Hitish.

When I speak Hitish, I talk about J-no behind her back by saying things like; she is not swite but boy she is nary-ary.
by JG December 14, 2004
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had sweet passes in a basketball game or something related to that
I dropped dimes gurl!
by JG February 28, 2005
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As unwashed tour rat who tours with insert jam band of choice. Often these people are dredlocked.
I saw the wookie asking for heady stuff and free ticket.
by JG December 5, 2002
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it is a sagging piece of skin that
connects the main tubular segment of the penis to the flesh sack that holds and supports (scrotum) the sperm producing organs (testies)
poo wee! my smeg sure needs a wash, it
is starting to emit a cheese like odour
by JG July 22, 2004
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-nasty ass
-lacking fine distiction, or lacking in refinement
-very vulgar
Jessicascanlon is Nary-ary because she is a skank.

Tony's feet are Nary-ary because they are ashy.

I can't believe you just ate that Nary-ary piece of food after you dropped it on the ground.

My cat's kitty litter box is so Naryary.

man, your breath is nary-ary. Brush your teeth!
by JG December 18, 2004
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Music that comes out from evolution of techno, new wave, psychodelia, hindi music and others. Just allowed to people who like good music. It means not allowed to brains who consider rap majestic. Enjoy the silence..
Would you compare Michellangelo and Picasso? The Doors and Pavarotti? In trance there is some music (especially european) but there's also a lot of rubbish. Just sort them out
by JG July 28, 2003
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