Saying "I beg to differ" means you disagree with something, or generally just are of another opinion. Originally a somewhat formal expression, it's commonly used now in less formal circles.
Person 1: "Opera is way better than Firefox; it looks a lot better."
Person 2: "I beg to differ, you can customize Firefox just the way you want."
by Christer van der Meeren May 15, 2007
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This is another way of saying "I do not agree" and can be used when strongly opinionated.
Riiley - "I don't think it was dog at all for Oliver to Steal Zoe from Brad.
Nick - " I beg to differ. It's actually fucking dog"
by Jkaps August 18, 2016
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A political way of saying that someone disagrees with something they say.
I beg to differ about Mr Johnson's final assertion.
by BlackPohatu October 26, 2016
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Definition: I beg to differ is a word used by dimwits who think they always know what's going on.

Joe: Hey I don't think that's true
Jane: I beg to differ
Joe: No like it's literally on their website saying it isn't true.
by JackXL February 9, 2021
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