Someone thats been alive for a long time
The word can be used like this "Man that old timer knows his stuff, go ask him how to do it" If you need fishing tips ask a old timer they know there stuff
by Mike May 01, 2004
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When you are in the shower and you let your hand get wrinkly from the water, so it looks like an old person's hand, before you start masturbating.
He's been in the shower for almost half an hour now! He must be giving himself an old timer.
by Waldoski November 05, 2007
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Old person. Usually an insult, and often used when talking directly to said old person. Slightly less derogatory than geezer.
by Rodney Basil June 02, 2004
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An old pedophile South Dakota who drives a big van which he claims has candy inside, and plays Counterstrike in his basement while he masturbates to his extensive collection of asian, kiddy, bdsm porn.
"please, no, HELP!! NOO!! dont take me home with you Old Timer. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I dont want it! I dont want it! What are you doing with that handkercheif and that bottle of clear odorless liquid?! no HEEEEEELP!"
by FurryGI February 07, 2009
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An affliction in individuals over age 60 that causes them to be unable to stop telling stories about "the good old days"

possibly a hereditary condition
When I turn 60 I'm sure I'll be boring everyone talking about my high school days because old timer's disease runs in my family.
by Chuky Wun March 15, 2017
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The elderly are not necessarily the only victims of old timer's disease, although they are the ones who get it the most.
by The Return of Light Joker June 10, 2010
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