Dave: why hello there, Old sport!
Scott: shut up.
Old sport, Alias: Jack Kennedy: no lol
by Manical laugh November 6, 2022
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A term of endearment used by gentlemen in the 20th century. Made famous for its use in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby
Jay: Having a good time, old sport?

Nick: Maybe another drink

Jay: Anything you want, old sport, it’s yours
by KnightofNerdom June 24, 2019
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"Old Sport" is something out of Dayshift At Freddy's. Purple Guy often uses it as your name whenever you meet him, whenever he says "Old Sport" it is quite funny
Why hello there Old Sport
by urmumlololololololol23 April 1, 2018
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a term of endearment expressed from one refined gentleman to another, most commonly at social garden events. A man that is well suited for the daughter of a wealthy man. often dressed in tails and a waist coat and would be deemed a 'plonker' in modern society.
Hey Old Sport, have you noticed Mr Lawson's daughter? She has a derrier that I would love to smother in quince paste
by oldsporthimself June 21, 2010
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Phrase everyone uses after watching/reading the american story of The Great Gatsby, in which Dicaprio dies in the water and doesn't end with the girl. Again.
Person 1: Well hello, Old sport.

Person 2: Did you just watch Gatsby?
Person 1: Indeed
by gothams savior November 13, 2013
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Dave says this a lot in Dayshift at Freddy's. Sometimes even 'sportsy'.
"Hey there, Old Sport! I am definetly not a child murderer or anything"
by montussylover February 9, 2022
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