An exclamation at an extraordinarily good looking member of the opposite sex.
Downgrades to "hello" for just good looking and then "Bah. GoodBYE." at the opposite end of the spectrum.
Most effectively used when abroad and you can get away with it a tiny bit more.
*hot male walks past*
Hannah: Why hello!

*hot male walks past*
Hannah: He's a bit of a why hello!

*hot male walks past*
Hannah: Why hello!
*stunned male stares*
Hannah: Uh...
*forces mobile phone to head*
Hannah: Uh... Hello... Mum?
by Fexx December 17, 2007
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A sketch comedy group from New York City that known for their ability to make awful material that is still marketable.
Chad: "Did you see the new Why Hello John video?"
Terry: "The who video?
Chad: "Why Hello John, they did the Saxing PSA video"
Chad: "I went home in a rage and struck my wife because that video was so bad.
by Ain't no shabby cabbie May 3, 2011
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A persuasive statement, usually given with a hand thrust, to indicate desire of anal sex with another person
Hot girl: Hey!
Guy who desperately wants hot girl: Why hello thar!! (thrusts hand forward)

Hand gesture


Underscore is thumb (sticking out), first two straight lines are index and middle finger (both stick up), the 'i' is ring finger (remains down) and last straight line is pinky (sticks up).
by Darkath October 27, 2003
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