Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind..or forgotten
Me:I love my ohana
Peasant: "what is an ohana"

Me: *throws lilo and stitch movie at face*"just watch"
by I refuse to sink June 17, 2015
Ohana is a fun, caring, and smart girl. She’ll always have your back and will be your best friend, but that’s for her to decide. She can also be mean when she wants to. Ohana is a leader and a fighter. She can care about someone/something alot but not care at all at the same time. She also hates when people talk about the phrase in Lelo and Stitch.
“Omg look! It’s Ohana
“That’s my bestie, Ohana over there”

OHANA STOP” “Ohana, You are the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met”
by _.urban.uber._ October 30, 2019
Ohana means gang gang, gang gang means nobody gets yeeted.
Jake is Ohana
You're my Ohana
by the_kin March 17, 2019
Yeah, she is totally into Ohana.
by Downer4u May 15, 2021
Ohana means family, and family means: no one gets left behind; popular dance group in California; another name for a bunch of crazy, candy addicted, satan divas.
Lailah: "B*tch! Ima take the Twix! Come on Leilani!"

Shannon: "Who stole the Twix???"

Rachel: "Those b*tches! Lailah! Leilani!"

Leilani: "Mommy! Rachel and Herman are hitting me and sissy!"

Dakota: "Children! You are all such divas. Haha I love our Ohana."
by Momma Kota June 13, 2011
Ohana Means Family . Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten
Idk Lol , I Already Told You What Ohana Meant
by SharXvi August 8, 2015
ohana, when no family/PLAY family gets left behind or forgotten(:
Hey, Martha lets go to the movies. Sure Christy cause you are my ohana and i wouldn't ever leave you behind(: OHANA.
by ThisWordWasLame[: March 28, 2009