A secret society at Appalachian State University consisting of a diverse group of female undergraduates. They are known for being extremely intelligent with high GPAs but having the stamina for staying up late and partying all weekend. They are regularly spotted in a large red Suburban known as Clifford. Their coolness rivals that of the larger more popular sororities.
Girl 1: Holy shit, you guys, those girls are in Ohana!
Girl 2: Gawd, I wish I was cool enough to be in the Ohana!
by LSwithouttheD January 7, 2011
You may be rich but I have ohana made of gold.
by draganblack November 29, 2014
Person 1: "What's your favorite Disney quote?"
Person 2: "That one about ohana."
by I ships the ships do you November 19, 2015
ohana means no body gets left behind. it can also refer to a close group of friends or class that resemble a family. it can also be used to placate any disagreements.
"guess what class we have now?"


"I hate you!!"
"well I hate you too!"
"hey guys guys, ohana.
by saggyb00bs January 16, 2011
You are part of my ohana, I won't let you down.
by ohana October 19, 2003
ohana means family. family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten
“nah, because we’re ohana now and ohana means no turning back now mada facka. then again, me and you could always be more than just fam @areum
by sus.areum September 6, 2019