Used as an expression of frustration, disgust, disbelief, or incredulity.
Oh, brother! I can't find my wallet!
by Koria Cousley December 31, 2022
Winnie the Poohs equivalent to "Mother Fucking Shit"
Oh Brother, we're out of Honey.
by tastybitch69 May 31, 2012
not happy ( something is wrong )
oh brother my taxes are up again no wineo white heads!!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
1. (noun) A bitch who thinks she's the shit.
"God! That girl is such an Oh Brother! Just hearing her voice makes me want to leave the room."
by OctopusSauce October 17, 2010
A phrase used to articulate feelings of immense loathing of someone that is known for unintelligent or troublesome actions. The phrase being used when a particular action comes into play. Usually followed by a facepalm.

Origin: First used in season 4 of "Futurama", episode 68 - "Obsoletely Fabulous". Bender, because of his new found hatred for advanced technology, has had a downgrade, making him a wooden, steam-powered robot. Bender enters the scene and Leela immediately exclaims "Oh brother, he's made of wood."
Leroy: "Is that Clyde over there?"

Jeff: "Dammit, I think so. What's he up to this time?"

Clyde: "Hey Jeff! Check it out! I found this guy down at the hospital on 42nd street! He seems pretty cool! Check out his cool bracelet!"

Leroy: "Isn't that 'hospital' a personal care home for the mentally ill?"

Jeff: "Oh brother, he's made of wood."
by Colt Guthrie July 10, 2010