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an alcoholic who has resorted to getting drunk off wine stored away in his home. usually said wineo has no life and will walk around aimlessly stumbling drunk.
"Shauna beat up this wineo that ran at her stumbling"
by mckibbon June 20, 2006
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An indivudual who enjoys drinking wine more than most, this would be the person you ask... "what kind of wine goes best with lamb shanks and sweet peas?"
My roomy is a huge wine-o, she has over 200 different wines in the basement.
by enjoytheride November 10, 2006
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One who enjoys the numbing properties of wine daily to avoid their painful reality that is life. Wineo's usually start drinking with friends then drink by themselves in their bedrooms. They start with half bottles a day then move on to full bottles a day, eventually buying boxs of wine in bulk to supply their needs.
Jessica drank the rest of her bottle of wine she just open earlier that day. She then enjoyed a nice bowl of chili. The wine-o then spilled the chili all over herself.
by Joshhh December 05, 2007
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A person who over appreciates wine to the point of being a douche, wears pretentious clothing, and wants to talk about nothing besides wine.
Girl: "This guy I was out on a date with last night was such a wine-o."
by turtleneck November 21, 2014
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a random insult. pretty much meaning stupid or itiotic.
like my friends r wineos.
god matt is such a wineo!!!
by melrod August 05, 2005
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a wine-o is a person below an emo, that feels the need to be constantly annoyed and complains about everything, they also think it is "cool" to be depressed.
jesus dude your such a wine-o!!

why wont you stop **censored**ing complaining, you are the biggest wine-o ever!!

by Kieron 'BoBman Moore October 11, 2005
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