an alcoholic who has resorted to getting drunk off wine stored away in his home. usually said wineo has no life and will walk around aimlessly stumbling drunk.
"Shauna beat up this wineo that ran at her stumbling"
by mckibbon June 21, 2006
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a random insult. pretty much meaning stupid or itiotic.
like my friends r wineos.
god matt is such a wineo!!!
by melrod August 5, 2005
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A man who enjoys drinking cask wine AKA "Goon box", box wineos are known to drink listerine and metho when supplies run dry, a real credit to society.
Jake - "geez he doesnt look too well, think we should call an ambulance?"

Sarah - "na he's a box wineo, he could drink paint thinners and still get up for footy the next morning"

Jake - "respect"
by Alex Of Hobart October 3, 2006
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