that something is cool, neat, interesting.
by C and G October 12, 2006
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A awesome person. You see, he is cool.
Oggy is cool.
by Oggy9 April 28, 2009
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When your butt-cheeks clap together emitting a fowl and repulse eggy smell.
Margory's butt-cheeks clapped together so hard she emitted an oggy smell.
by EatCake July 20, 2006
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Cute,everybody loves him,chubby,nicest person
Hey oggy

Can I have a sweet

Ye sure
by Liamnottingham March 3, 2017
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A sports chant, reinvented by welshman Max Boyce in the mid 70's. It is incredibly frequently used in Wales and by the college director on popular british television show, Skins, to little avail. The chant goes ;
Man : Oggy Oggy Oggy

Group : Oi oi oi

Man: Oggy

Group : Oi

Man : Oggy

Group : Oi

Man : Oggy oggy oggy

Group : Oi Oi Oi
by Oven Glove Avenger August 6, 2009
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An oggie is a Cornish Pasty. Originally these were eaten by miners in Cornwall, a county in the extreme southwest of England. Basically it is pastry wrapped around a filling. Originally the filling was savory at one end and sweet at the other. Oggies nowadays are usually savory and have potatoes, vegetables, and meat inside but there are many varieties.

The really cool thing about Oggies is that you can eat them one handed without making a mess and there is nothing to throw away after because you eat it all.
You can eat them hot or cold.

Tiddy Oggies is another name for the Oggie but mostly just potatoes and/or vegetables.

So Oggies are nothing at all like women.
Charles: You know, Cecile old gel, whenever I visit Bodmin I always like to grab an oggie.

Cecile: Woy don't ee like to grab I, then?
by blueliner49 January 22, 2010
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