Usually I stud with a big dick. Most likely gets any hoe he wants. There’s really nothing negative about this person. everyone wants to be him. He is the definition of Jesus.
Girl#1: Omg that guys is fucking fine.
Girl#2: No shit he’s an Oga
by Joe dirt69696969 April 4, 2020
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Original Graffitio Artist. An outstanding member of the Graffitio community. OGA members are long time users of Graffitio that fight the noble cause of eliminating users that do not contribute to the well being of the community. This includes eliminating users that claim to be OGA, while they are not. Many users want to join OGA but cannot due to the fact that the group is no longer accepting applications. OGA was started by two members in July of 2008 to battle the "Sexy Seven." (Initially, OGA was a group against groups) The war went on for a couple of weeks and OGA emerged victorious. During the battle, the leaders noticed a few other users that joined in to help with the elimination process. They were quickly added to the group. These few leet users have joined forces and are now known as OGA. Many people have tried to thwart the efforts of OGA and have failed miserably.
"Rohee" "Lestat" "Stephiecat" "Taylor(The original ditz)" "Sergey" "Gregg" and all the other idiots that failed. OGA!!!
by Anon/Nombs January 18, 2009
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An actual crackhead. He doesn't do anything else except smoke and eat. almost a hundred percent of the time he is high off his ass in some other dimension, he'd do anything to get high as fuck. If you are called an OGA you are most likely never sober.
"Hey man, you've been a fucking OGA for three months now."
by BigGamerDara January 29, 2019
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Stands for "Oh, good alligator". When one brings an alligator somewhere and it is very good. This phrase is what the other person would say in response. Only, they are just kind of surprised, hence the "oh".
(Brandon brings an alligator to school)

Julie: OGA.
by Mufaucet September 26, 2012
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When your on to much MDMA and cant say Orge
Kanye just rapped about OGAs in FEEFA with 6ix9ine
by Vantex XII November 27, 2018
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