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a hair monster with 6 legs,small eyes,a big nose, does nothing but eat,has a cape, a crown,lives in the forest, and is the king of all imagenary animals. He also has his own brand of tape.
Woah check that thing out is it an Ofus????
by Ofus December 14, 2007
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8 legged hair monster. Good guy, fat ass, definitely loves kids. Probably has hella hoes but turns all of them down (try again sweeties). He likes all natural blonde California girls. He dance really good, so good that he is actually god in a human body. He’s also from Nigeria so he gets cool boi points. He’s great tho 10/10 would recommend finding an Ofu.
Ofu has a fat ass because of all his dancing!!
by hhheeemmmccc May 08, 2019
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A word used to describe surprise or see. Can also be used as an oof
Me: I forgot to do my homework
Friend: Ofu
by Da_Soupist April 23, 2019
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