Something done without thinking.
Doing or saying the first thing
that pops into your mind.
"Honey I didn't need that Offhanded reply to my serious question!
Should I get an Xbox360 or the PS3?"
by MarkDB1973 July 4, 2008
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To know something `offhand`: without having to refer to a source.
PersonA: Hey, do you by chance know offhand who's going to be teaching physics this semester?
PersonB: No sorry, I didn't check.
by L e a f January 17, 2010
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Example of an Offhanded Comment
"Honey what do you think about my new vest?
(Offhanded Comment)Wow that looks like a rug my mom used to have!"
by MarkDB1973 July 4, 2008
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An individual that jerks off utilizing their lesser used hand. Term can also be used to describe the action of utilizing one’s off-hand for such.
Sleepy stranger?” I prefer not to sit on my arm, but I have always been one for an offhand Jack.
by The guy666 November 5, 2021
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Offhand was a family of axe killers no one ever caught.
Don't cross the offhands
by James offhand smitty June 26, 2018
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