"dude you are so lame, you need to off yourself"

"yea you butchered that you should just off yourself now"
by Jordan Folkman February 24, 2009
off yourself a way of telling someone you dont agree with their opinion in a semi respectful way
person 1 : hey do you like pineapple on pizza
person 2 : no thats weird off yourself
by local edge lord June 23, 2021
to jerk yourself
You seem stressed, maybe you should off yourself
by theasianmasian December 17, 2017
The state of showing your own work or doing something for your own gain, similar to flexing. A common phrase used would be “Quit jerking yourself off, bro”.
Yo, I saw what you said about your art in class today, quit jerking yourself off, bro.
by Azzurum November 4, 2018
a. the act of consciously being in denial in order to
maintain a positive outlook.
Thinking happy thoughts.

Dude, she's in vegas with her X. If you don't think she's sucking him off right now; you're just jacking yourself off.

When you a simpin nigga cause you missing yo ex... so you wanna die but in a cool way
You ever wanna YEET yourself off a bridge??
by Ars3n August 20, 2019