Dang, that was so off the wall crazy, that it was off the wall and then back ON the wall. *credited to a friend of mine* ^_^;;
by Greg June 05, 2003
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off the wall is a little hard to explain it means something that is so out there even your mom says holy fuck
What the fuck is your dog doing to that chipmonk...o thats off the wall.

Dude i cant believe she is doing that...that is some off the wall shit right there
by Michael Strealing Dick September 27, 2006
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really strange, maybe a little crazy. Also, it's the title of a hit album by superstar Michael Jackson.
Me, Rich and Bill agree that one of the things that make the band Talking Heads so cool is that they are so off the wall.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 20, 2007
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When you put weed in a hookah with a little tobacco then smoke a couple blunts at the same time.
Bra we got hella off the wall last nite!
by tfybassociate February 08, 2011
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Suburban white girl, who is obsessed with french named faggots. Generally enjoys talking to people she doesn't know and sucking lollipops. She enjoys wearing scarves and fedoras, color coordinated, obviously. Highest grade in 8th grade was a C+. Thrasher as fuck but doesn't actually skate. Very confusing person, lost in life.
by DoctorPhillian November 16, 2014
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