Adj. When something is crazy and a bit wild, normally referring to a good thing.
"Dude did you go to that party last night?"

"Yeah man, it was off the bone!"
by Good Vibrations September 14, 2009
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1)Yo, Leah's banana bread is off the bone.
2)dat fine Amy didn't know how t'act when told dat dey wuz goin' t'Margie's, cuz' she knowed dat place cuz she knew dat place waz 'off the bone.'
by Kid Billionaire June 29, 2005
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(1) The period after an erection in which a man's member/phallus is semi-turgid and not quite yet flaccid. Generally, the penis is accompanied by one or more slightly visible veins.

(2) Double entendre (bone=sex): The ten minute period after a ejaculation/intercourse/masturbation session.
Dustin: Wow, you've got kind of a bulge goin' on down there Andy!

Andy: Yeah bro, I was just in my dorm room with this chick named Tatiana. I'm fresh off the bone!
by D.L. Glass August 24, 2009
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Prison terminology meaning receiving a beatdown during a fight, usually resulting in injuries beyond first aid.
Holy HELL, that dude got 'tore off the bone'!
by ToBIGWillie April 25, 2010
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