Basically extremely intoxicated, blurred vision and beer goggles are all part of the deal.
Ann: God last night was good!
John: ah yeah, was good can't remember much, was with some fat bird I think but it's okay, cus I was off my tits!
by MirreyBirrey May 17, 2010
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To be VERY much under the influence of a substance. Most commonly used as either an excuse or a conversation starter.

A variation of sozzled
"I only kissed him because I was off my tits" OR "God, I was so off my tits last night, I don't know how I got home"
by The Traveller July 28, 2005
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is used to replace the following: leave me alone, quit bugging me about it, anytime you feel you have had enough!
LoserA: When are you going to finish sharpie'ing your skateboard.
LoserB: when i have time
LoserA: When are you going to finish sharpie'ing your skateboard, dude??
by LoserB December 13, 2009
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A euphoric state-of-mind which is similar to the effect of drugs. It involves a heightened sense of joy. Can overcome anyone at anytime.

Not to be used in front of family members, because it might sound inappropriate.
Miriam said to Liz: I'm buzzing off my tits!


I was wigging, but now i'm buzzing off my tits!
by Big Mushrooms April 4, 2011
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To be very drunk. Derived from various English and American slang terms for drunkenness.
Jane: "Did you have many drinks today?"
Brandon: "Hell yeah, I am pissed fucked off my hammer tits!"
by manfromengland November 8, 2010
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