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Off The Block can be refered to any street in any city. It consist of a group of people hanging out in an area mostly likely a corner or in front of a store to represent where they are from.
1) that's my nigga ju-juoff the block
2) meet me at that spotoff the block
by nesee May 12, 2005
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A person from vallejo, CA.
The Block is the newer reference to v-town or 707 excluding Napa, fairfield, vacaville, american canyon and benicia. The home of ya boys, cuddiville and T.T. West. Vallejo was dubbed 'The Block' for its numerous city blocks of clicks.
A: (approaches party doors)

B: Ay maine, what chu doin here?

A: Im here for the party...

B: You from The Block?

A: Maine, Im fresh Off The Block

B: What part?

A: T.T. West on York and Marin in the Marina Vista Projects

B: Ight maine, come in.

A: Fa sho cuddie

B: Fa sho
by M. Du May 10, 2005
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