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One of the founding projects on The Block (Vallejo, CA)
Home of the Cuddies and Crest Side Clowns

From Mark to Janice to Wendy to Sage
(For those that dont know, these are Crestside streets in North Vallejo)
Buster Brown: Ay yo cutteez yall headn' back to the crestside?

Cuddies: Yo bussa, bounce for WE'recognize' you

Buster Brown:ight my homies, fa sho sho cutteez
by M. Du May 06, 2005

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The former reference to the City of Vallejo. Pioneered by North Bay underground Rapper 40 water aka Fonzerelli Bellafonte aka Earl Stevens aka E 40. Now dubbed 'The Block'(for its numerous city blocks of clicks), V-Town is seldom used by Vallejo citizens, but will remain a retired classic that will always hold the weight of the home of The Crest (Cuddiville), The Ville, The South, Rancho, Hillcrest, T.T. West (Tree Town), Sea Side, Lofas, The Hills, Simmerons (Good Crest), College Park, Terrace Park and Beverly Hills.
Where you cummn' from?


Oh, you off The Block?

Yep, just came from the Country (Crest: Club Country Crest)

Ight then.
by M. Du May 06, 2005

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Home city of the fallen Mac Dre, the great E-40, Baby Bash and Mac Mall and the Crestside Rompers and Thizzers. This is The Block, the north bay ghetto and once the state capital. From Rancho, The Crest (cuddiville), College Park, Hillcrest, Tree Town (T.T. WEST), Simmerons, The South, Beverly Hills, Sea Side to Lofas, Vallejo is crakn'. Bigger than richmond, but not quite oakland, Vallejo is the stompn' grounds for the SA's and AA's.
A: Where ya'll bout to go?

B: We finna bounce to cuddiville..

A: In Vallejo?

B: Yea

A: Ya'll strapped?

B: Like suspenders, ni**ga

A: Aight, well imma hit The Block later today

B: Ight den boi
by M. Du May 17, 2005

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Claimed home of The Federation
Fairfield, California USA
by M. Du May 06, 2005

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Also known as The Block, Vallejo is the biggest city in Solano County. Consisting of: The Crest (Cuddiville), Terrace Park, T.T. West (Tree Town), The Ville, Hillcrest, Beverly Hills, Rancho, Lofas, The South, College Park, The Hills, Simmerons (Good Crest and Sea Side, Vallejo is a influencial part of the North Bay and Greater East Bay. With a populaiton of just over 121,000 people, Vallejo has become concentrated with city blocks of clicks and hence has become to be known as The Block. Surrounded by wankster cities like Benicia, Fairfield, American Canyon, Napa and Vacaville, Vallejo has maintained its reputation, as Dave Chappell would say, of keepn' it real. On the news you usually hear about Oakland, Richmond and SF crimes and whatnot but you never hear about Vallejo. That because 'ya boys' tryna run this city and cover things from the media. But please believe, on The Block, mess goes down. Triflin drama in dis city. Authorities here is corrupt.
A: Where you from?

B: The Block

A: Vallejo?

B: Yea

A: Iss coo down there?

B: Depends on where you at. Some places is rich and coo, some places aint. Is all wut you can afford playa.

A: Ya'll be havin shootn's and stuff?

B: Yea fool

A: You dont never here about it on the news

B: Ya boys got chu wrapped up, thats why


B: Dont trip, on The Block some places is coo at night like in the east, but in the North, South and West, in certain places you goota click or you gon have problems
by M. Du May 10, 2005

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Vallejo, CA consisting of Rancho, The Crest, College Park, Hillcrest, Tree Town, Simmerons, The South, Beverly Hills, Sea Side and Lofas
Where you from?
The Block..
Fa sho, I was in the crest last night chilln wit some cuddies
by M. Du May 06, 2005

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Tree Town or Downtown on The Block (Vallejo, CA). All the Westside of Vallejo and parts of The States to central Vallejo.
A: Ay, you off The Block?

B: Yea

A: What part?

B: T.T. West

A: Oh you live downtown?

B: Fa sho

A: Dang cuddie, you got cheap rent huh?

B: Yup
by M. Du May 10, 2005

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