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A very athletic girl, usually extremely good at track, she has brown eyes and dark brown hair, she can sing, dance and is usually of the darker skin tone. Odones will also come off physically strong. She is likely to be tall, and have a plentiful family, but she is the only one that realizes its broken. Her name is from Africa, but it is merely a nickname for her 10 letter name.
She is smart, and she only has reliable friends, trust isn't something she believes, nor does she believe in love. Both of these things have hurt her in her past, so she tries to hide either of those feelings. She doesn't usually cry in front of people, because it's considered a weakness, if you know an Odone who thinks this, she is probably going through depression or has been abused. If she has cried in front of you, then you ate extremely lucky.
Odone will do anything to beat any males she comes across. If she is unsucessful then she will do everything in her power to eventually beat them in a rematch. Her height, strength and Speed are all she can depend on since she isn't like the majority of the population(white).
All in all, Odones are great to have around, and if you meet one, don't blow it, she's gonna be one of the most reliable people in your life. And she can power you through any line at any store.
*Odone running through the store grabbing items*
Girl 1: woah, who's that?
Girl 2: *sigh* that's Odone, I wish I was her.
by Lovetheskygurl June 12, 2018
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Someone who acts as if they have been licking paint, a very stupid person
Person 1: It said on the news that they've found a frozen mammoth from 50,000 years ago, but the Earth is only 2013 years old, how dumb are they?
Person2: *sigh* Odone
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