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A place with high crime rates , drugs, prostitutes, strippers, low performing schools, and is usually run down. A lot of children in middle and upper class suburbs lie to people and say they are from the ghetto to sound cool.
McKenna lied to her classmates and said she's from Baltimore.

Suburban kids:
"Where you from? Baltimore or D.C.?"
"Neither, I'm from the suburbs, just like you."

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching the ghetto, please fasten your seatbelt and bullet proof vest, and secure all wallets and valuables."
by I'mtotallyawesome;) January 3, 2015
A place in Maryland near Annapolis, in which is very smelly for some odd reason. If you are ever visiting Odenton, you should bring a gas mask with you, because the smell is unbearable.
Beth: "This place smells like poo poo."
Jade: "We must be in Odenton."
by I'mtotallyawesome;) July 11, 2014
A run down school in Edgewater, Maryland. It is known or being very trashy/redneck and ghetto. People that don't go here think that this school is very nice, but students from South River will tell you how shitty it really is. The walls are made out of cardboard cause we're ghetto like that.
New student: "This school smells like doo doo and is very redneck and overcrowded."
Old student: "Welcome to Murrica...I mean South River High School."
by I'mtotallyawesome;) July 11, 2014