(Brooklyn slang) It means "Very"
Example: "her hair is odee long"

or "I'm odee tired"
by Imyourfavoritedrug April 28, 2017
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Over done. if u do somin too too much, your odeeing or u odeed.
friend one keeps saying the word hella over and over agen.
friend two: yo stop saying hella, ur odeeing now. damn!
by SinisterSk8r July 5, 2009
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The dude that named famous prestigious apartement complex "O-Block"
"Yo why is O-block called O-block?"
"'Cause of that nigga Odee"
by blockboiarb September 4, 2022
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sumone who loves money (modern day Ebenezer Scrooge). loves drinking cheap vodka (GLENS - THE EXCITING VODKA) cannot control himself around girls, specially after a litre bottle of URINKA. finks everyones a farquad.
thinks he can beat everyone in the bog a fight & hopes they get took out by a meteriod shower.
"gone lend me 5 euro odee"
"aye no bother just give me 10 euro the marra"
by decky beat November 25, 2009
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refers to the new word "hella". or can be used as in reference to 'a lot'.
examples -

"Im odee bored."
"Im feelin' you, odee".

by Bebaqiirl April 17, 2009
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Over Dramatize Everything (to the) Extreme or Over Do Everything (to the) Extreme
Girl 1: I can't wait for him to see me in my 6 inch heels and boyfriend shorts. I'm sure that will turn his head.
Girl 2: Girl, that's ODEE. Stop trying so hard!

Boy 1: My jawns are way better than yours.
Boy 2: You think you can out-ODEE me?
Boy 3: Of course cuz I ODEE the hardest!
by Momma Bear SWAG September 2, 2013
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gabbi is an odee
by Di0R December 31, 2009
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