when your women starts seizing mid sex and u need to do CPR. take your dick out of the vaginal always area and grab the defibrillator then carefully place said defibrillator pads on the women’s chest and side, arm the machine, once machine is armed u stick you dick back inside that seizing pussy and start chest compressions, thrusting hips and arms into the women at a steady 100 bpm. if machine says ready, shock women while dick is still balls deep inside the women. once cumming is acheived u are finished.
oh shit my girlfriend is seizing!! now i can finally try the complex resuscitation!!
by adrain barboza January 17, 2019
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Lips to lips, lips to ears, lips to {vulva}, lips and tongue to {clits}, slowly, consistently and when the hips begin to rise, finger to {G spot}.
When the {groaning} begins, I know I've properly given her the right amount of {sexual resuscitation} soon followed by excitement, shaking, heavy sigh and complete relaxation.

Damn the was good {sexual resuscitation} she remarked! Can you do it again?
by bentrying March 11, 2012
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A technique used to resuscitate a person (preferably a women) who has stopped breathing or fallen asleep, in which the rescuer inserts his penis into the victim's mouth area. A completely selfless act.
Jordan: "What are you doing?!"
Dave: "Oh, that bitch on the bed wasn't breathing, so I did the responsible thing and gave her some dick-to-mouth resuscitation."
Jordan: "Yup"
by christzak October 19, 2008
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This is generally when a girl goes down on a guy (hence the southern direction) and gives him a blowjob. Conversely this term can be used to describe a guy going down on a girl too.
He wanted a blow job so asked his girlfriend to do some mouth to south resuscitation
by MrSexy September 9, 2007
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resuscitating someone, through their anus, using the power of the fart
Holy crap, Brandon was sleeping, and I totally gave him butt to butt resuscitation.
by Mechanic February 26, 2004
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After you've had an awful meal (typically one so bad that you regret your overall choice to have even eaten at that establishment) you don't feel any more satiated than when before you ate. To cure both your hunger AND your dismay/anger, you must go eat a meal that you know you will enjoy, to resuscitate yourself. This act is Cardio Culinary Resuscitation.
Shit those ribs were made out of cardboard. Guys, we need some Cardio Culinary Resuscitation to atone for what we've done.
by Nick [the Third] October 29, 2010
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it's an operation done to a person became unconscious due to something bad happened to it, by this he starts to recover consciousness and brought to life again.
We are going to give all our staff a course about how to do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, (CPR) in emergency cases
by Nabeel, January 11, 2008
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