Loves girls by the name of Juno.
by Ellie McNamara October 18, 2019
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obi is my name dammit!!!!!!
obi is my name... i dunno where these people get these weird definitions!!!
by obi! July 30, 2004
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The term used to identify students at Oberlin College
Safer Sex Night is a social opportunity for obies to meet one another while learning about the wonderful safety and instructional measures on sex
by N October 22, 2004
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Pretty much a baller. A person who considers himself a G in many ways, and in many ways, is correct. It is a person who is "ballin'," and without him, schools such as Maine East would be nothing but muff cabbage.

Someone who is better than a Chuck.
Dude! That amazingly handsome stud over there is such an Oby!
by Oby! January 10, 2011
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What the Japanese call a kimono sash.

Also the first half of a Star Wars Character's name. For a better bio, search Obi Wan Kenobi.
Darn, Why can't they make the Obi longer?

"It's over Anakin. I have the high ground." Obi Wan. (I like that quote)
by Meiloyn December 13, 2005
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