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a fuckwit Republitard who opposes a progressive Democratic agenda in which all Americans have a chance to succeed and prosper
Since it is very difficult to make any sort of attack on Obama's moral character (no Monica Lewinsky), (no White Water), the typical Obama basher will resort to outright lies. Some have made the ridiculous claim that he is not really a U.S. citizen (see birther). Some have claimed he is a Muslim, not only is this completely false, even if it were true it would be irrellevent, since our Constitution explicitly prohibits any religious test for holding elected office. There is no reason a Muslim could not be a good president. Some Obama bashers are racists, but not all of them. Most Obama bashers are part of the same Republican attack machine that went after Bill Clinton.
by Michael_Hunt August 15, 2009
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Republican party minions, Bushnesiacs, racist rednecks and other fuckwits that for whatever reason attack President Barack Obama. After suffering for 8 long years under the worst president ever (George W Bush) Obama is busy trying to undo the damage caused by the bush administration. However some bushtard fuckwits like the status quo--high unemployment, high foreclosure rates, out of control healthcare costs and on going clusterfucks in the Middle East.

These sick fuck republitards would rather see the country go down in flames than admit Bush was wrong and help Obama fix the mess we're in!!!!!
Obama Bashers are in an all-out battle to prevent President Obama from fixing the clusterfucked disaster Bush left behind! Republican Party minions are disrupting townhall meetings, spreading lies and rumors and even submitting bullshit definitions on Urban Dictionary!
It's easy to pick out a UD def submitted by a republican party minion, there are several exactly alike and most are by "authors" that only have one entry.
by Charles_U_Farley August 14, 2009
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Some one who rightfully bashes one of the dumbest and most anti patriotic president in recent memory. Some one who talks down rightfully on a president who has trippled the American national debt three times in less than 90 days of his worthless service as president. Some one who knows and does not support the leftist socialist health care of the most empty - minded and unaccomplished pretty boy president named Barack Hussein Obama. An Obama basher is any of the patriotic Americans who see through the racist and anti American tendencies of the radical leftist who is president of America known as Barack Hussein Obama.
Barack Obama wishes to pass a socialist health care bill in order to kill older people in America. That is the reason Dr. Shelly is an Obama basher.
by Marquis Canaday November 02, 2009
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1. A person with an IQ over 100, who does not feel entitled to reparations, can tell fact from fiction, and can't believe that so many sub-wits were bamboozled and hoodwinked.

2. A person with an IQ under 100, who doesn't get their handout on time.

3. A non-Marxist patriot, also known as a Pelosi-pooper.

4. Anyone who thinks that the O-man should have stayed on his Chicago porch.

5. Anyone whose job was not created or saved.
Dem dam Obama bashers be sayin that Obama is George Soros's porch monkey.
by Sir 50 Cal November 01, 2009
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