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O_< (also seen as: >_O; o_<; >_o )

1. Someone that has been poked in the eye.

2. Someone wincing as someone fails on epic proportions.

3. Covering one eye with their hand but still looking. Peeking.
1. Anon : *poke*
Person : O_<

2. Anon : Yep... and that's when the truck hit him.
Person : O_< damn...

3. Anon : You have to look at this video.
Person : What is it?
Anon : two girls one cup *click*
Person: OMG that's disgusting! I can't look!
... O_<
by OOOkami August 02, 2010
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a shocked face, that has also been poked in the eye at the same time. can also be used the other way around like ">_O" exactly the same, but the other eye has been poked this time :'
person1: i love you, *poek*
person2: O_<
by i iz amazing. May 31, 2009
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