OTK - when a narrow minded onion walks down the English corridor, looks at two members of OTK and shouts loud enough for someone in Coalisland to hear; "OTK"
"Hey, did you see her latest Instagram posts?" "OTK"
by ohteekay March 6, 2018
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The spanker, male or female puts the spankee over his/her knee and gives them an otk spanking on their bottom.
by Chuck48 March 3, 2011
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The exponential viewership growth one receives after spending a weekend with a group of degenerate streamers called OTK.
"Hey, did you see the OTK Effect on Emiru's stream?"
by MizkifIsFat October 19, 2021
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“We are otk
by Kittykittymeowbab April 12, 2022
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On the Kindle.
Ex. Chrissy is OTK (on the kindle)
by auteeeew April 19, 2021
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