One who spanks, as in, administering corporal punishment to the backside of a subordinate and/or sexual partner, either for discipline or pleasure.

Spanker/Spankee is one of the more common forms of S&M roleplay.
by Deucebeast January 27, 2006
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Someone who claims to know something about anything but in reality is only a half-witted chronic masturbator who wishes to impress with their ever-so-lameass limited knowledge in a vain attempt to cover-up their double-digit IQ, usually resorting to Wikipedia in desperation.
Troll: "i know everything about quantum mechanics, evolutionary biology, general relativity, and medicine because I read it on Wikipedia".

Zoe: "spanker"...
by zoe28 November 7, 2009
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A thin, very cute, very pretty, SMALL girl,no more than 5'5" tall, who is very pert or perky in appearance and demeanor, with a noticably curvy butt, and arguably no more than 35 years old.
"You should see the little spanker that just started working at McDonalds"
by Uncle Puppy August 25, 2006
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Someone who is totally lame. You would rather watch paint dry than be in the company of such a person.Can't get any action unless they paid for it, and therefore, more than likely spend a great deal of time masturbating or "spanking" it. Can also be used in it's diminutive form "spank".
Don't tell Chad about the party, he's such a spanker. Or: I wouldn't give that spank the time of day!
by Anabel October 12, 2006
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A person with an irritating or frustrating personality. Used in place of swear words to express anger, but soften the impact of the statement.
Damn.. just wasted ten minutes of my life arguing with the spankers at the post office :(
by cjr November 12, 2006
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A foolish person, who if they spent as much time concentrating on the task at hand as they did worrying about everyone elses work, would be a champion.
That Gulliver sure is a total Spanker.
by champowski August 3, 2005
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