intransitive verb
: to express opinions
transitive verb
: to state as an opinion

Existentialists in mucklucks who opine, “Magic is the same as life, if we take a moment to listen to the music.”
by dragracer_1966 August 19, 2008
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You will always be my OPIN, even when we can no longer be together.
by whatsexlife April 15, 2018
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1. to be out of it; absent-minded
2. to be intoxicated
3. to smoke weed

1. a bong
I went to In & Out after we opined last night and the guy working there was also opined. I cant wait till we hit the opiner again.
by jake BZ May 7, 2006
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capable for opinion; feeling matters of opinion, like poor, good, very good, etc.
My opinable feelings help me state my feeling and opinion.
by December 23, 2017
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1. Someone asking a asinine question when the answer is obvious

2. Someone being acting moronic
Mr.Smith: "Okay kids so remember that the trip is on Monday

Timmy: "Mr.Smith when is the trip?"
Mr.Smith: "Timmy you are being very opin-doe, the trip is on Monday"
by Mr.Brownie February 11, 2010
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A common phrase used in Youtube comment sections to sorta-kindly remind them that they should just shut up and remind them not everybody thinks like them
Person A : Even non-sex gacha sucks
Person B : Ever heard of opin-yawns?
by FoxCrescentRoll May 16, 2020
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