Okay, so I've been seeing this one a lot on things like reddit no sleep and it means Original Poster.

This can be used if someone has re-posted something showing that you are referring to the person who Originally Posted whatever you're posting on.
"Then suddenly I heard something behind me..."

Commenter 1: I hope OP is okay!

Commenter 2: I hope OP updates soon if they can to tell us what was behind them!
by GrierUmDallas October 24, 2014
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Gamer term for "Over Powered". This can refer to a perk, weapon, powerup, ect that a player can use against other players. The perk, weapon, powerup, ect can be referred to "OP" because it has extra abilities or damage that give the player an "unfair" advantage against other players in the game. Some obvious examples of OP are:

-the 2nd set of flares on helicopters in Battlefield 3 before they removed them
-the Modern Warfare 2 UMP45
-the Modern Warfare 3 ACR 6.8
-'Catch Up' in GTA 5 races
-you get the idea
Gamer A: "Hey I just went 45-2 in MW2 with the UMP!"
Gamer B: "Well of course you did, because the UMP is OP".

Normal GTAV Player: "Because you left Catch Up on you idiot."
by xXGiggityXx January 21, 2015
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1. Short for OverPowered, as in a weapon or unit that is too powerful

2. Something that should be nerfed

3. Something that noobs complain about whenever they get pwned by it

4. An acronym that does NOT stand for original poster
1. Dude, that is way too Op

2. Bungie nerfed the needler gun in Multiplayer, because people were complaining it was OP

3. (Getting raped by mass Zerglings in Starcraft)
Zerglings... So OP...
by Colder August 30, 2011
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1. On forums, refers to the "Original Poster" who started the thread, often with a question.
2. (Loosely) refers to any "other poster" on a thread.
1. Thread title: My next FPQ
| The FPQ51200 graphics accelerator is actually disabled in North America.
OP mentioned they were in Germany.

2. Thread title: Why do we follow a 300 year old constitution?
|| Hitler was democratically elected
| Are you saying Hitler had the right to do what he did?
Obviously the OP was pointing out that Hitler didn't seize his dictatorship by force, meaning that Democracy alone is not enough to protect people from electing someone bad who will kill them.
by dabr0kedude May 17, 2012
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Only Professionals

OP is a well known team on Xbox Live. They are fierce and very competitive! OP is not a team to mess with there are about 20 TryHard members in this team and still growing. OP members are beast ass quickscopers and will Fucken demolish any team out there! (:
XBL Random: hey what does OP stand for?!
OP FAMOUS: Anything you want it to stand for...
XBL Random: Only Pussys?
OP CHOCOBEAN: Nah bro, Organic Peanuts!
MW2 LOBBY: Hhhaha
by Op Famous January 26, 2011
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OP or "Original Pun" Is a word used mostly on the *chan imageboards. Often referred to by newfags as "Original Poster", but it have always meant Original Pun.
Anonymous 1: Mans erection lasted over 7 hours, died because of blood loss. Discuss.

Anonymous 2: Damn.. must've been hard.

Anonymous 3: what an OP lol
by ChanLegend August 31, 2010
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