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The elation that follows from freeing yourself from a narcissist
Paul had a truly free me from Teresa once he recognized he had been fiddledicked.
by 8trackgto June 14, 2017
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To gloss over life by whoring and drugging. She was happy and horny and smooth as glass.
She was a glosser, she always walked from rich lovers because she needed to be a whore, not just treated like one, she wanted a lifestyle of a glosser.
by 8trackgto November 3, 2018
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A backstabber that gets a friend to introduce him to his cheating lover's boyfriend or husband to become best pals with another guy and cover his tracks as he cheats and backstabs.
Wow, Paul got fiddledicked by fiddlerick.
by 8trackgto June 4, 2017
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She was so evil that I went OP.
I OP"d her.
by 8trackgto October 8, 2019
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Porn, usually performed by a woman, may include cornhole and other kink.
Why dont you perform cOrn?
by 8trackgto September 3, 2021
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Made famous in a Family Guy cutaway. An uncontrollable urge to dance and be happy and imitate the Family Guy version of true joy and dancing on a plane. Also great to play when heading to Miami
by 8trackgto September 20, 2021
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