When performing anal sex with your female partner in the doggy style position you, upon ejaculation produce such a large amount of semen that it races around to the vagina and impregnates the woman.
I was cornholing Sara and accidentally Gave her the Kentucky derby. Now I’ve gotta pay child support for the next 18 years!
by Physically a horse June 3, 2018
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An amazing party that consists of horse racing, gambling, beer drinking, and tit showing. One of the best parties in the country.
"Damn man, I won $500 at the Kentucky Derby this year and saw at least 80 sets of tits!"
by hexum July 13, 2005
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When perfoming sex in the doggy style position, begin to pull on the mate's hair. When the time is right, yank a sufficient amount of hair out and begin to intertwine and create a rope. Stick this in her mouth, as if it were a reign. Use this to maneuver and ride your partner around the track of sex.
This piece of hair must be from last night's Kentucky Derby.
by Claytonreednc May 1, 2015
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A stand-up shitting contest with a photo finish (to avoid disputes, of course). Two or more individuals partake in a standing defecation where winners are determined by the longest unbroken "tail" at any given point.
I heard the DC Talk roadies used to crunk up the groupies and hold Kentucky Derbys to decide which ones got to hang with the band.
by Mung the Merciful August 26, 2008
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In a college setting, when two couples compete in having sex in the same room. The bed must rock like you're riding a horse. The couple that finishes first raises an arm to signal that they have "finished."
"Hey man! Who won the Kentucky Derby last night?"

"It was close, but I beat my roommate by like 2 seconds!"
by Wilshire89 May 2, 2010
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While receiving oral from your girlfriend, she is getting fucked by a horse. (You may or may not choose to film it and/or take bets to who will bust first.)
We were doing the kentucky derby and her mom walked in.
by boss ton pan cake January 13, 2009
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When you and your friend have sex side by side, each with your own chick and race to finish first. Whoever wins gets to wear a green wreath around their neck.
Dude, got the triple crown last night. I was neck and neck with my friend, Chiquando doing the Kentucky Derby.
by IdiotsTalkSports April 28, 2019
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