An emoji based on the facial expressions of Jeon Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Variations such as oJo, OJo, òJó and ÒJÓ can be used in many situations to express surprise, shock or anger.
They did what now?? oJo

Oh really OJO

No. òJó
by worldwide handsome outsold March 25, 2018
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He is the master of JAC, JMD IV, and ML. He is the leader out of all of us and he tells us what to do for ex: if he tells us to get on our knees and suck we listen to him and one more rule is that we can only talk when he says. The leader has a really good taste in woman he loves BBL's and short older mexicans. OJO also wants to kill fuzu but like who doesnt am I right. He also has a lot of bitches riding on his meat because he is so hot and all of the woman want him, but there is only one problem with OJO he is a leprechaun but its not that big of a deal. In the end he will always be our leader/master.
OJO is our leader nigga.
by JustCuci September 26, 2022
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when receiving and the person giving you head looks up at you and makes eye contact. ojos can also simply refer to the act of giving or receiving head
so denisse got ojos yesterday dawg
yeah i know she told me
by aliengabbo April 21, 2018
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To give someone "evil eye", negative energy, bad vibes - bad outcomes. superstious to some, very real to others.
"Rojo para el ojo de las celosas"
by Vale457 February 24, 2017
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Being done up the bum with a splintered baseball bat!
Done one or I'll Ojo you!
by Abe L January 7, 2008
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An awesome "personal" video phone...with real true to life video and voice synchronization!
Ojo me Baby and I can see your pearly whites!
by Gymbo July 4, 2006
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Spanglish vernacular to avoid saying 'hostia' cunt.
ojo! se me cayo el cono
by Beardo April 27, 2004
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