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noun - uncountable

* acronym for "ocular gravity force". The phenomenon by which a male will uncontrollably turn his head and look at a female's buttocks when a female passes by.
Dude, when she walked by I got OGF!
by AlexJairChavez January 28, 2011
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Ocular Gravity Force: OGF! Is what happens to men when walking alone or with company, sees a female walking by and suddenly has the urge to look at her booty, his head will turn and his eyes will gaze at this female's booty for no apparent reason. That is my definition for what happens to men. Feel free to use OGF at any time, it’s not our fault. OGF! just happens
Obama checking booty in france is a clear example of OGF
by AlexJair January 25, 2011
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Txt or Internet Acrynom:
A girl, through either being a Fuckbox or having an annoying personaility, is only good for fucking.
Terry: How did that date with the girl off the party go?
Sheldon: Pretty shit, OGFS.
Terry: ...Send her over to me
by Homak October 21, 2011
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n. Old gay face. What years of partying hard, tanning, and manorexia do to a gay man's face. Typically characterized by deep lines around the nose and mouth and dull skin. Often occurs to men in their late 20's and early 30's despite the fact that they're not old. Botox and fillers are used to combat OGF but leave the user looking plastic and shiny.
"Wait, he's only 28?! He's got major OGF!"
by HFG July 30, 2012
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Abbr. "Original Gangsta Founder"

The first and primary founder, usually of a startup company.
"Sure Woz was a cofounder of Apple, but Steve Jobs is obviously the O.G.F."

"Zuck is clearly Facebook's O.G.F."

"Larry and Sergey were both co-founders of Google but who was the O.G.F.? Can a company have two O.G.F.s?"

"Bill Gates is the O.G.F. of Microsoft"

"America had many founding fathers but I kinda feel like Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington were the three main O.G.F.s"
by ogai July 16, 2011
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