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OEM+ stand for "Original Equipment Manufacturer +".
This term originally comes from the automotive world to describe the customization of a car in a subtle way, (mainly) using parts and accessories from the same manufacturer or the same group (Using Audi parts on a Volkswagen for example) . More generally it means customize a car very discreetly, with a close look to the original, playing on the details. In contrast of tuning and its extravagance.
_ Wow, never seen a VW Golf so clean! Does it come from the factory like this?

_ Well almost, it's OEM+. Just changed a few details to enhance the original look.
by or__zy February 28, 2016
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— abbreviation for
1. OEM Audio Plus

OEM Audio Plus designs the equivalent of a tailor/custom suit for your vehicle's sound system. Delivering some some seriously high quality audio.
"OEM+ is suppose to be demonstrating their systems at ToyotaFest this year!!"
by Edible Smurf January 07, 2012
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