Oxford Cloth Buttondown. A type of business dress shirt favored by prep schools and adherents to the trad lifestyle.
He wore a slightly wrinkled blue OCBD underneath his shetland sweater and tweed jacket.
by Tradly August 13, 2008
Obsessive Compulsive Bitching Disorder: An emotional control or loss of control that results in continuous verbal complaining, shouting, insulting & most often swearing. Always caused by knowing or believing things are not the way they should be, or believed to be. OCBD has a 12 step process. . . starts with 2 steps back, then a strong 10 step forward verbal Charge!
comment: " Why does that person rant and rave about everything?"
reply: "Oh! You didn't here? They have been self diagnosed to have OCBD! I have that fucking thing too! I also hate those cotton collared shirts with the buttons on them. who needs buttons. all you need is too make the shirt more stretchy and you wont need those ef'n buttons. the damn things just fall of anyway. and when they do, you can never find a bloody same button to replace it. Then you have to get someone to sew it back on for you , because I don't know how and then there is. . . . !"
by enO taerG June 15, 2016
Obsessive Compulsive Braking Disorder. A disorder where the inflicted person continually, and for no apparent reason, steps and/or slams on the brakes of his/her vehicle. This disorder is inherent in the old, foreign and female sex.
Man 1: "What the fuck? This person keeps braking and there's nobody in front of him for miles!"

Man 2: "Yeah, he must have OCBD."
by Fearoftheson June 29, 2009