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Traditional; typically used in the context of clothing, grooming, and other aspects of one's personal presentation. An item is "trad" if it either (a) was manufactured during the relevant time period, usually the 1930s through 1950s, or (b) is a modern item with design aspects inherited from or complementary with that time period.
That Brooks Brothers sack blazer is very trad!
by tradly August 12, 2008
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Adjective used by rock climbers to describe a technique of self-protection or a particular climb which does not involve the use of bolts.
I have never climbed a bolted route. I am strictly a trad climber.
by Rock-man-enough April 09, 2004
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trad is short for traditional, a way of saying somthing is particularly cool or hip. similar to rad.
Check out that caddy, those are some trad wheels
by jakarta December 08, 2004
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A skinhead who is not racist, nor vehemently anti-racist (sharp), but is apolitical and interested only in "traditional" skinhead music and culture.
trads don't care about your politics, they are just normal working class skinheads
by oioioi February 09, 2005
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Damn homie, did you see that chick laying down those "trad" ass fiddle beats in the club jawndy? Robert Boyle would be proud..."
by BigDawgShapins June 10, 2016
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An acronym for totally rockin' awesome dude. Also related to rad.
That back flip off the 20-foot high wall was trad
by Chesa Sampson March 26, 2008
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Formally know as the Traditions, the Trads are the premiere all-male acappella group at Macalester College. Composed of first years to seniors, they perform for campus events year round, usually with a large turn out. Some of their traditions include:

- Electing the Rod, the senior head of the Trads.
- Electing the Bitch, the favorite first-year member.
- Drinking alcohol before performances.
- Wearing tacky, plaid blazers to performances.
- Picking random girls in the audience to serenade/embarrass on stage.
- Performing the Bitch Song, in which the Bitch sings a clever little diddy about S&M to a girl of his choice, and is then whipped by her with a member's belt.
- Just doing random things that will make you laugh, and have an overall enjoyable experience.

The Traditions are well worth watching (drunk) at least once during your Macalester experience.
The Trads were great last night! That may be the hangover talking though...
by dtsd December 19, 2008
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