An icon started as street art by the now famous street artist Shepard Fairey in the 80's. This poster, with an image of andre the giant and the words OBEY written in large red print underneath became extremely popular and eventually was put onto clothing. For a good amount of time, the OBEY clothing brand was mostly worn by hipsters, skaters, punks, and other counter cultures, but has recently (in 2012) started being worn by douchebags who in 2006 would all be dressing like 50 cent. This is quite unfortunate. for a further definition of the type of people who now wear OBEY, see swagfag and yolo
i have a friend on facebook who goes to my school whose name on facebook is "Obey Wavy" that is example enough.
by I'm listening to fugazi November 19, 2012
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The obey sticker/drawing is a hypocritical attempt used to manipulate people into not being manipulated by making them begin to question they're surroundings(government, leaders, idols, caste system,}

the whole thing has turned into a pretentious inside joke for a-holes...but you can't argue with results, or can you?
"What's with that wrestler, Andre, on all of those obey signs"
"beats me, you up for bowling"
by Kaiser Soza July 19, 2005
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To plagiarize or bite someones already established style/idea in regards to art, fashion, music etc. This is done most notably by Shepard Fairey with his OBEY "art". See also bite
Mike did you see that painting on the 405? It looks just like one of your pieces, you're style totally got Obeyed!!
by vinny q January 23, 2008
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poster/Sticker/stencil/regime/club founded by shepard fairley in 1989. His posters are almost everywhere and his character andre the giant is on clothes boards and bathroom walls. Shepard is god my friend.
Yo dog you see those kick ass andre posters? Ya cuz u gay!
by Nick Melon May 30, 2003
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To carry out or fulfill the command, order, or instruction of.
obey me


i am your mother! now do as your told.

no now fuck off
by natalie298755 October 9, 2009
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dumb posters and shirts trying to make eveyone think that their actually individuals and piss of "the man" by doing drugs. remember, you are an individual. just like everybody else. there is too much "independent" propoganda and think that everyone is an individual by following certian styles and doing certain things. but the truth is that if everyone "hates" one thing, follows the same style, and accepts all the bull shit that is fed to them, that makes them sheep.
I hate seeing those Obey shirts and posters. Its total bull shit propoganda to encurage "free thought".
by realskin1488c18 October 30, 2009
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Humbly giving back something with the expectation of a remark.

Return for comment in a humble way.
by Richard Korgan April 2, 2008
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