1. Female Booty.
2. The derriere or Bottocks with personality of the female species.
Usually applied to females who no matter which way you approach them dazzle you with their booty FIRST cos' it has its own seperate personality!
1. Beyonce has Nyash
2. Jo Lo has Nyash
3. Paris Hilton.....doesn't

"Dat Nyash was clapping all night when I hooked up with Candy"
by Big Brown Bob May 4, 2006
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To describe some one who was a lot of batty.
“Wow that somali boy has a bit nyash!”
by tztherealist September 26, 2020
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your so nyash
by chi101 September 26, 2021
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a nyash warrior is a person, man or woman, on a journey to grant himself the biggest, baddest nyash in all the world. he will go high and low for the best nyash he can find, not faltering for the meady nyashes in between. he is truly a respectable, yet atrociously down bad man. if u see a nyash warrior, always wish him luck on his nyash journey
Geoffrey: did u know that John's a Nyash Warrior??? hes acc a madman yk
Adonis: stfu John's hunt for nyash is a respectable and valiant effort.
by bomboclaaticus May 2, 2022
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Ня (nya) is an expression of a tender emotion, one that people have towards cats or very cute people like Natalia Poklonskaya. Nya originates from japanese and means "meow", it was adopted in Russian language from anime.

Няша (nyasha) — a word for a person that you feel "nya" for. The today's use of the word is originating from the "nya" or at least is very close emotionally to "nya", although it used to mean a "bottom of a dried lake, the one with dirt and bad smells"

Nyash-myash is a part of the Natalia's speech where she was asked about her online fame. The "myash" here is a word play that Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian and some other people use to playfully and non-angrily diminish the importance, like "bagel-schmagel", "president-schmesident" or "sashlik-mashlik".
"I'm the prosecutor here, so I ain't gonna allow no nyash-myash or anything like that"
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This is basically a slang word for booty, it's cool to use because people won't know what your saying or talking about.besides the girl your talking about wont know too
Boy:that girl has a mega big Nyash

Girl:boy,what you talkin 'bout what's nyash
by ------queen October 5, 2019
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