A game invented and mainly played by Rednecks.
1. Stick your hand down your pants and grab your nuts for a bit.
2. Distract the person you wish to Nutz, getting them to turn their head in any direction, so they are not paying attention to you.
3. Quickly smack the underside of the distracted target with your hand that was used for fondling your self.
4. Yell, "Nutz!", at the person after and then tell them to look up this game on Urban Dictionary. ( or explain it your self )
Daniel: Hey Earl...

Earl: Yuh?

Daniel: Isn't that your girlfriend across the street?

Earl: Where? *Turns head*

Daniel: *Smacks Earl's chin* "Nutz!"
by Redneck77 December 16, 2009
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1. A big sack of wrinkley testicles.
"That trick let me put my NUTZ on her forehead man."
by Smoove Nutz March 7, 2006
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When something is just nutz. Like it is dope; if something is good or worthy of greatness, then it is nutz. There is a sign for "nutz", it is the sign for "okay" but upside down. For more emphasis use your wrist in a sharp downward motion with the hand-sign whilst saying "nutz". The gif below is a good representation of the nutz sign but you just must flip your hand to where the circle within the connection of your index finger and thumb is facing directly upwards.
That's Nutz. Nutz.
by gregoryo14 January 9, 2019
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Insane, but in a good, funny way. One who is nutz is a nutzer. See examples at www.nutz.org
Did you see what Sketchy did? That guy is some nutz.
by nutzer January 9, 2005
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the phrase the guy with the giant teeth exclaimed while on the phone
*on the phone* THESE NUTZZ
by Sarah.hhhhh November 27, 2015
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Jack Avery (aka problematic princess) uses the term "Jeeperz nutz" whenever he gets scared, especially from video games.
You: walks out the bathroom
Me: comes around the corner to scare you
by soybeanmilk August 27, 2017
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