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The act of meeting a girl at a party, having sex with her (busting your nut), and leaving rather quickly with out talking to her (bolting out of there).
Fritz: How was that party last night?
Gokey: it was awesome, I totes met this hott girl and i pulled the nut-and-bolt.
fritz: really?

Gokey: Yea i busted my nut and bolted outta there haha
by its me A.G. January 06, 2011
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Nut and bolt

An action verb: synonym of “ding dong ditch” as defined by Tomorrow Call. This term applies when the situation is expedited. Often abbreviated to the acronym NAB.
This chick: So, did you ever hear from him?
That chick: Nope, total nut and bolt.

This chick: Word. Not necessarily a bad thing though?
That chick: Oh, no, not at all.

That chick: I NAB too.
This chick: Who doesn't?
by Tomorrow Call August 04, 2010
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