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Referring to a one night stand or a brief sexual encounter with no strings attached.
All I want is a wham-bam-thank-you-mam. I dont want a relationship.
by cherisheachday March 16, 2007
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to make along story short its the gentlemen's way of saying:"Yo bitch lets fuck right now!"its also done very quickly and to make it an offical wham bam thank you mam never talk to the woman again in your live.
Sir Manchowder:so sanchez what did u and "lisa" do last night?
Sir Sanchez:oh just gave her a wham bam thank you mam thats all.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
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To fuck a girl, quickly leave, and never talk to that dumb broad again
Guy # 1: You still talking to sally?

Guy # 2: HELL NO! It was just a wham bam thank you mam
by jiujitsujack August 08, 2009
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