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The act of aggressively and indiscriminately verbally abusing a bystander(deserving or other wise) whilst they are close enough to clearly hear you.
Setting: College lecture hall.
One day, during an exceptionally easy and dull lecture, the professor told the classroom that he would listen to any questions or inquiries, and would happily answer anything. A girl raised her hand and bestowed upon the classroom the most utterly ridiculous question ever conceived. The question was so ridiculous in fact, that the guy sitting in front of her laughed. Out loud. Very loudly. He turns to the guy sitting next to him and says:
Guy: What a fuckin Ruhtard! That might possibly be the most ill concieved question I have ever heard. Who the fuck has the tenacity to utter such disgusting filth outloud? Really, what a dirty whore. This girl will probably have someone inside her in the next hour, not because she is breathtakingly beautiful, and absolutely not because of her sharp mind, but only because she is a skank. An entirely worthless whore who doesn't even have the common sense to make guys who use her for a quick bang pay. She holds dearly onto the belief that she will find true love someday, and thus throws her vag at everything that moves, hoping that she will find the perfect penis to fit inside her, like Cinderella fitting perfectly into her glass slipper. What a disgusting human being.
Girl:Starts crying.
Professor: Wow, class, this a perfect example of Nunning. Take notes.
by Mocha and Vanilla Bear. February 05, 2010
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1.) The act of being a nun
2.) The act of being nun-like

1.) Being a nun
2.) Acting in a nun-like manner
"I'm so excited for "The Sound of Music" rehearsals, I can't wait to go nunning."

"Where were you Saturday?"
"Oh, I was just out nunning."

"The generous lady was nunning downtown, I think she helped like fifty people"
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by Frau Saccacrap February 22, 2017
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