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The name of a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. This map is the smallest map in the game, so it does have some diehard fans. Definitely the most popular map in the game. With gamplay with a good mix of CQB and medium range combat, this map has all the action expected.
I played on Nuketown yesterday and pwned..........
by MW2 Freak January 08, 2011
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The map everyone wants to play in CoD Black Opps rarely occurs but when the the Choice is Nuke Town pubescent teens jizz their pants. Most frequent guns used on this map are the Famas, Ak-47 Ak-74u and the Commando because noobs cant use any other gun then those four to get high kill streaks. Every time a chopper gunner is used in Nuke Town a small African Child dies from hunger when you lazy mother fuckers camp for it.

Nuke Town 24-7 is when the shit goes down if you find your friends after the weekend. If they smell like shit and have sweat under their arms you know one thing they were busy Jerking off and playing 24-7 Nuke Town at the same time for the whole weekend.

Nuke Town is the leading cause of Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction in America
Ryan: Ohhhhhhhh holy shit holy shit its Nuke Town FAPFAPFAPFAP

Richard: Calm down its only a game

Ryan: Wtf are you talking about bro i am super serious about this game if we don't win we will all die

Richard: What ever you say

"Nuke Town gets vetoed"

Ryan Noooooooo My life is over FUCKKKKKKK i Hate my life Bang* Bang* thud

Matt: Hey you want to go out drinking tonight and Bang my hot girlfriend Frank ?

Frank: no i cant 24-7 Nuke Town is during this weekend and I am not going to leave my seat for three days Faping to it while i use my famas

Matt: Ok brother i guess more secks for me

Billy: Arrrrrrg i hate this 15th prestige no life with the gold famas hes ruining my fapping time with Nuketown
by XXXISm0keWeEdXXX June 14, 2011
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1. A tiny but popular map in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Series.

2. When you should pull out but it's so good you blow your load anyway.

3. Reference to the awfully impossible scene in Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where the titular character survives a nuke by hiding in a refrigerator. (Sometimes called "Nuke the Fridge")
1. "Wanna go piss off noobs on Nuketown?"

2. "So I just made her ass fuckin' Nuketown"

3. "Just go Nuketown on this"
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by Doris Virginia Johnson April 03, 2016
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