A phrase an Urban Dictionary user tried desperately to implement into circulation by using multiple fake accounts to post barely dissimilar "definitions". This tragic act was committed on May 26th 2008, in reference to the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise.
"While I cannot deny that "Nuke the Fridge" is a witty correlation with the phrase "Jump the Shark", the desperation employed by it's fraudulent author reminisces of making up your own nickname. After 12 years I suppose it's not going to catch on."
by Erectory November 30, 2020
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Take a massive and intestinal destroying shit in the fridge, like, Pringles can sized shit in the fridge
Dave just had to Nuke the Fridge in my apartment
by ClownJuice August 10, 2021
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Nuking the fridge is simply the act of creating more storage space in your cold storage unit, and/or saving money; by eating all the leftovers which are starting to get... bigger.

In many locations, heating something in a microwave is called 'nuking' it - due to a poor understanding of the structure of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Similarly in many locations the word refrigerator is shorted to 'fridge'.

Thus from the combination, we get 'nuke the fridge' - to heat up chilled leftovers from your fridge, in a microwave. It's not complicated, not should it be.
"I'm too knackered to cook tonight, you wanna go out?"
"Nah, I'm too povvo this week, maybe we should just nuke the fridge."
by Tony McTony July 28, 2021
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Nuke the fridge is a colloquialism used to refer to the moment in a film series that is so incredible that it lessens the excitement of subsequent scenes that rely on more understated action or suspense, and it becomes apparent that a certain installment is not as good as a previous installments, due to ridiculous or low quality storylines, events or characters.

The term comes from the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in which, near the start of the movie, Harrison Ford's character survives a nuclear detonation by climbing into a kitchen fridge, which is then blown hundreds of feet through the sky whilst the town disintegrates. He then emerges from the fridge with no apparent injury. Later in the movie, the audience is expected to fear for his safety in a normal fistfight.

Fans of the Indiana Jones series found the absurdity of this event in the film to be the best example of the lower quality of this installment in the series, and thus coined the phrase, "nuke the fridge".

The phrase is also a reference to the phrase "jump the shark", which has the same meaning, only applied to a television series instead of a film series.

This phrase is not in common use.
"Star Wars didn't really nuke the fridge until Jar Jar Binks was introduced."

"Peter Parker dancing around the bar in Spider-Man 3? Kinda nukes the fridge!"

"The Godfather: Part III nukes the fridge."

"Gremlins 2 more or less nuked the fridge."
by theinterviewer3 May 26, 2008
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When you fart in the fridge and the fridge keeps your fart fresh until the next time it is opened.
I had the broccoli farts last night but I started to go nose blind to them, so I had to nuke the fridge for later.
by Papertowles February 2, 2021
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Because the top definition is too complicated;
Drop a nuclear bomb on a fridge and survive.
Person A: Oh god! A nuclear bomb is coming!
Person B: It's going to nuke the fridge!
Indiana Jones' big brain: Perfect idea! It totally won't be destroyed! We totally won't die! Let's hide in it!
by gaycha more like gay January 2, 2021
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