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The combined area on a short-snouted dog's face generally referred to as muzzle and jowls. Prevalent in French Bulldogs, Pugs, British Bulldogs, Boxers and Mastiffs.
Humans can have nubbles too.
"Check out the nubble on that pug!"

"That is one nubbly puppy."

"Let me squeeze your nubble!"
by idiot_legs December 20, 2008
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Small to medium-sized nuggets of cannabis.
"Earlier I removed these nubbles... from this!"

-Tim Mahoney
by Torch October 24, 2003
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nipple stubble a week or so after manscaping. made worse when found on a lady friend.
1. dude, I can't wear that silk shirt, it gets got on my 5 o'clock nubble.

2. I was game for second base, till I found she had nubble and I broke it off.
by UncleStu October 24, 2013
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An alteration to the word noob, or nub in this case, a nubble is someone who is very new to something.
by Scott November 20, 2003
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To nubble means to do something undescribably lewd to someone's orfice or orfices, usually by means of humping an object into said orfice.
"When he found out she cheated on him, he nubbled her butt until she was crying. Nobody knows what it was he put inside her."
by icenisse March 01, 2015
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1) Noun: A female's breast that is actually so small is becomes concave and resembles that or a candy dish or an ash tray...
2) Noun: An alternate word for the word nub
1) Wow... did you see that chick's tits?
Me neither!
2) Dude... Stop being a nubble!
I am trying! But yer hacking!
by wolffaust April 05, 2007
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