Also known as nyk. The full phrase is 'Now you know better than that'. When someone says or does something so ridiculous, stupid, hilarious, or outrageous, the proper response to the situation is simple: "Now you know." nyk can be used in the place of lol for when you just don't know how to respond.
Dumb Bitch: I dropped $5 at Starbucks and $8 at Panera. The perfect breakfast!
Intelligent Person: Now you know.

Future Dropout: I totally bombed that test.
Friend: Well did you study for it.
Future Dropout: No.
Friend: Now you know.
by mintjellyfish November 11, 2011
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What you say after you have informed someone with information they did not know
"Wow I never learned that men have the same thing that's inside of a vagina is inside of our assholes in my health class." "Now you know". " why didn't they teach us that? This whole time I could been using my vagina that's in my ass".
by Thm4754574 May 14, 2016
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You use it when your friend is expressing skepticism towards some fact you've just told them, to hint that it's common knowledge and your friend is making a fool of himself by insisting to doubt it.
- "WTF" is an interjection.
- Really? I never heard of it.
- Now you know.
by Eikinkloster May 3, 2011
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Know you know how THEY felt when you where saying though mean things!
A dork (objectively) "NoW yOu KnOw HoW tHeY fElT!"

Hym "Well, I know HALF of how they felt because I still don't know how they felt while fucking eachother. SOOOOO... If you want to show me how things feel so badly... Ya know... Chop chop! The room is clean and we're learn how things feel over here!"

Iam "You're also assuming that my response would be the same but, yeah..."
by Hym Iam September 3, 2023
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