stranger: ‘hey do you wanna go out for lunch on November 9th?’
You: ‘sorry I can’t it’s national sleep day that day so there is no way I’m leaving my bed bye’
by Hdjdhwugg November 3, 2019
National cuddling day. Cuddle with your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, or the homies
Chase, it’s time!”

Oh yeah! It’s November 9!”
by sub2kjpanda99 November 5, 2019
Typically the day where the most wonderful ,Pretty and caring people are born especially my best friend x.
That girl is nice and pretty she must be born in November 9
by Ellz127 October 21, 2019
National make-out and hoe around day
Dude i cant Wait for November 9
by Dtrump6969 October 14, 2019
The day we shorter ppl get our revenge cuz it’s

Josh: Hey cris remember when u yeeted me on October 28th?
Cris: yeah lol
Josh: Well it’s November 9th
Cris: crap *runs*
by Urbanthotty359 November 1, 2019
Homie make out day. That one special day u can hug nd kiss da bros! NO HOMO THO!!!!
November 9th baby
Celeb:"come here homie!"
Evan:"ok lets do it homie!"
by JayAndHay November 8, 2019