On April 11th you have to cuddle with someone you love for 20 minutes
Today is National cuddle day
by Moneymadesis April 11, 2018
National Cuddle day is the best day of the year! Taken or not, cuddling is one of the best feelings in the world and always will be, if you have the chance to cuddle with your crush or maybe just a hot/cute boy or girl, It will make your day
National Cuddle Day Is The Best day of the year!
by SlothKing1 April 12, 2018
October 28th is National Cuddling Day!
“Today’s the 28th! National Cuddling Day.”
Alright then.”
*spoons on the couch for a few hours
by dattooooooo October 22, 2020
Guy: do you know What today is
Girl: March 24?
Guy: No its national cuddle day!

Happens on March 24th
by Ezra Karino March 24, 2021